Productivity Experts Weekend Workshop


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Wealth and Abundance Today presents…

The Productivity Experts Weekend Workshop

February 18th & 19th, 2012

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  • Do you find your day being run BY your business?
  • Do you feel like your business is running you and you are bouncing from one “fire” to the next?
  • Do you wonder why your business direction keeps changing and before you know it you are not any closer to your goals?
  • Do you find yourself not connecting with qualified leads or with customers or clients that convert into business?
  • Do you find yourself NOT having a balance between business and life?
  • Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself or paying yourself?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!  Space is limited!!

Wealth And Abundance Today is dedicated to helping ALL business owners gain control back in their business, stay focused with processes and procedures to make it easier, reach goals set, and create the important “reward yourself” habit.

We have gathered experts from different areas of your business life to speak with you.  They will be doing hands on activities you will participate in so you learn techniques, processes and procedures you can implement in your daily routines and make your business not so “busy” but productive with your goals in mind.

This is NOT your typical workshop where you go and just listen to speakers and take notes!

Each speaker will have a bag of tools that will help you in your business and they will walk you through using them and getting you started!  You will take home systems started so you can continue moving forward using them!

You will have opportunities to schedule one on one time to meet with speakers after the event to move forward with their teachings…

Networking Time!

Built into the event are opportunities to network with each other and get to know one another.  See what other people are doing and what is working for them.  Share ideas and build relationships!



 Judith Cassis Judith Cassis is an author, trainer and inspirational speaker. She leads personal development workshops grounded in principles of her soon-to-be published book, When Life Knocks You Down – Get Up!   Judith has taught creative writing classes for 11 years and produces open mic events where her students perform with other members of the community. Her students are in the process of authoring their 3rd book, and five of Judith’s students have self-published their own books. She also works as a ghost writer and copy editor.  Judith’s passion is supporting others in enhancing quality of life. She has also lead firewalks and speaks to high school students and at-risk youth about overcoming adversity and exploring post graduation options. Judith teaches communication workshops for parents, couples and individuals seeking to improve their relationships.

Personal Development – Working through it, Working With it, Working In it

  • Transition into Business Owner – Learn to recognize and anticipate opportunities, challenges and possible consequences
  • Communication – Improve your relationships with better “Listening” Skills
  • Create Balance Your Roles as Business Owner, Family Member, Friend and Self

Denise Chilson Denise Chilson, owner of Chilson Business & Tax Services, is proud to have successfully equipped entrepreneurs and business with what it takes to grow while dealing with their finances responsibly.  Denise focuses on assisting owners by not only offering services in tax preparation, comprehensive bookkeeping, running payroll but also QuickBooks support and training.  Denise believes that a business owner who is proactive with their finances is a successful business owner.

Be In The Financial Know!

  • Create An Effective Office and Bookkeeping System fit for YOUR business
  • Becoming Tax Savvy – Maximizing Business Deductions
  • Restructuring The Business During Economic Times
Casey Eberhart Casey Eberhart, by the age of five, Casey began turning a profit as an entrepreneur.  While friends grappled with kindergarten, Casey’s series of small neighborhood companies honed skills that would set his career as an entrepreneur into motion. Casey not only is an accomplished traditional business owner, he has also become a top income earner as a network marketer. He lives his passion.  Casey has achieved national recognition for networking strategies he developed and teaches. Casey’s irresistible charisma, coupled with committed support of others foreshadows a prosperous future.

Connectivity is Today’s New Currency. Creating Your “Networking Currency”

  • Who to Spend Your Valuable Time With While Networking – create your criteria list
  • Step by Step Networking Building for Long Lasting Power Relationships – create your formula
  • What is a Networking Wheel – create your own Networking Wheel, never loose a connection
Stephanie Graziano has been helping Entrepreneurs create plans that explode their businesses for the past 8 years.  Her own highly acclaimed company went from start up to over $10 million dollars of revenue in less than 5 years.  She has been interviewed by the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Los Angeles Time Business Section, CNN, and The Daily News.  She is a speaker and author, and enjoys working with passionate entrepreneurs to create unlimited success.

Workshop: Passion, Planning, Profits for growth minded Entrepreneurs!

  • Discover the Power of WHY – create visuals to focus you on your WHY
  • See your way to Success with a Power Plan – create a business path map
  • Understand where the Profits are -find where revenue can be found and your way to reach it
Christina Littrell-Williams Christina Littrell-Williams while achieving much success in her Virtual Assistant company, VA-a-GoGo, Christina found business owners were running into blocks that kept them from moving forward in their business. Areas she found where help was needed was Time Management, Processes/Procedures, Programs and some “brain storming”.  With several years experience in project management and being a problem solver, Christina added Productivity Consulting to her packages of service.  Along with the addition, Wealth and Abundance Today was created as a valuable resource for any and all business owners sharing tips and tricks to help them get through some of the blocks.

Workshop: The 5 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

  • Time Management
  • Creating a Flow
  • Setting a Reward


Working with this group of Productivity Experts will move you forward in your business, streamline your processes, and get your organized!  You do not want to miss this Weekend Workshop – we have limited this workshop to 30 registered attendees.  It is our goal to give everyone the hands on personal attention that they should have!

Register Today – Don’t Miss Out On A Seat!

30 Spaces Available

February 18 & 19, 2012 (two full days)

Beverly Garland Hotel, North Hollywood, CA

Two Full Days for only $97 (all materials needed will be supplied)

If you are interested in a Two or Three payment option, contact us through the contact page with a phone number and good time to reach you on.

If you have any questions, please use the contact page and send us a message.