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Work It Wednesday…  Today in the Wealth And Abundance Today Productivity formula we ask you focus on work work work.  Basically putting your nose to the grindstone and pounding it today.  Wednesday is hump-day and  people tend to begin to loose their motivation for the week here – by focusing on cleaning up and getting a lot of “tasks” completed you get to cross things off your list and gain momentum that carries you through the remainder of the week!

A Great Business Strategy is a Great Start!

Creating a business strategy is a must to a solid foundation for any business!  Does this mean it will not change over time? NO But you need one to start.  Look, great sports team don’t enter a big game without a great game strategy, great world leaders enter “conferences” or “face the nation” holding on to what they think is a great strategy, and great corporate icons don’t enter ANY business venture without a great business strategy.  Why should you a small business owner be any different?  This is a key to success, trust me.

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Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday – Email is something that everyone has – even the junior high schools and up here in Santa Clarita create email accounts for the students so they can communicate with the teachers and each other about school items.   Email a tool that you cannot run your business without!  Email can be “rabbit hole” you down during the day and suck a lot of your time, email can be your “saving grace’ when you need something right away, email can help you get noticed and email can get you banned from connecting with your people!


It is reported, 2010 report from The Radicati Group in 2010, that the number of email accounts worldwide in 2010 is 2.9 billion and planned to increase by 2014 to 3.8 billion.  (It is noted that there is an average number of email accounts per user of 1.6 email accounts per user and they do not see that rising of this time frame)

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Monetize Monday – Business Commitments, How They Can Hurt You?

Monetize Monday – In the weekly Productivity Weekly Program Mondays are days where we focus on generating revenue for the week – starting your week with intended cash flow coming in brings motivation to the week.

Business Commitments

We all make business commitments and I am safe to say from time to time we have all not kept one or two business commitments we have made.  Over your business lifetime one or two missed business commitments might be a lot but if this is a pattern and happens regularly you really need to evaluate the reasons why you are not keeping the business commitments you make.  Not keeping business commitments can hurt not only your reputation but your business success as well.  Once you start to lose a good business reputation, people start to find other people to work with and you never want your customers/clients/team members to move and work with someone else… and trying to come back from a BAD reputation can really hamper your growth and success.

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Finish It Friday ~ Network Marketing, 3 Things NOT To Do In Your Business

Finish It Friday – The end of the what most of us call “the work week”.  How did you do this week?  Did you keep up with your projects and tasks?  Did you complete what you wanted to this week?  In our program, The Weekly Productivity Program – today is our day to finish any stragglers of “todos” on our lists and end our day early if everything noted for this week is completed!  We also make sure we have a “personal reward” planned for a week of jobs well done and achievements made!   We hope you did awesome and are here to support you if you had problems with time management or prioritizing your tasks/projects – you are welcome to always contact us for advice! (you can also leave comments and we are happy to get back to you)

Network Marketing is a business with fabulous opportunity!

Every network marketing company has a product or service that is one of the best, this is true for the most part.  They do have great products and services compared to most you buy or use from the commercial stores.  This is great!  I would say they live by a different set of standards in their world of products and services since their company’s success is reliant on word of mouth and individuals creating “believers” out of the community.  When joining a network marketing company it is important that you are sure it is a fit for you – your beliefs, your goods/service standards and that it will fit into your life since you are suppose to be a product of the product/service and use it!

Every network marketing company has a compensation plan for the people who join their “team”. There are different compensation plans out there so be sure when you are researching what opportunity is best for you that the compensation plan also fits! Understand the payouts and the way they are calculated… you can read more on network marketing compensation plans here…

Direct Sales a type of Network Marketing…

Direct sales is a network marketing opportunity though some do not feel it is.  Direct sales is more in the “party plan” model of network marketing – the concept, compensation, and products/services are still in line with network marketing.  Direct Sales gives you another outlet to your income stream in the fact you can have “customers” and not just downline.

It is important that when you start or work in Network Marketing/Direct Sales you follow some “rules” and know what you should not do….

Here are 5 Things You Should Not Do In Network Marketing…

  • You Don’t Have To Know Everything About Your Network Marketing Business…. too many times people jump into a network marketing opportunity and feel they  have to know EVERYTHING before they go out and share their opportunity – WRONG – when you start out you are excited and energized, use that momentum to share your story or opportunity with others.  Count on your experienced successful upline to know more of the facts when it comes to need to talk more detailed with people.  You do not want to spend a ton of time learning every fact, figure or statistic about the company and product – this could not only take too much time away from actually recruiting but can also be intimidating to your potential recruit and can be come not something they feel they can duplicate – keep it simple and go out while you are excited!
  • Don’t use impersonal “hyped” mass emails to recruit or share your network marketing message/opportunity! Too many people are using email technology for the wrong reasons….  even though you can send a mass email to tons of people at once does not mean you should!  Sending out emails that are like “You don’t want to miss this ground breaking opportunity.  Sign up today while we are in the “basement” and you can make millions of dollars.  This is the first of its kind.  This opportunity has a compensation plan like no others!” and so on – you get the point.  You will turn people off from the start – mass emailing should be left for more personal messages (doing this via video email is best) – it should not be used to recruit or build your business but more to educate or just say HI how can I help!  If you are in the health side of network marketing share health tips your company shares with you – if you are in food side of network marketing share recopies your company shares with you – if you are in technology side of network marketing share tutorials or tips your company shares with you…. be a giver without expecting to get!
  • Don’t be so aggressive when sharing your network marketing opportunity.  You do need to be

    Don't Hold Court - Don't Be Aggressive

    confident when you share your opportunity but take the time to read the signs from your “prospect” – are they asking questions – be sure to answer them or at least promise to get them the answer if you do not have it.  Be sure in your conversation it is the right time to recruit them – like did you answer their questions so they can make an informed decision for themselves?  Be sure you are choosing people you want on your team – who will actually be building a business as opposed to someone who you will need to hold their hand every step of the way.  Are they motivated?  If you “convince or talk someone into joining” they are probably not the best downline for you.  SO don’t go out to sign anyone and everyone up – it could be your down fall.

The key is to not allow yourself to get frustrated.  Network Marketing and Direct Sales opportunities, while they are great opportunities, they are still a lot of work.  It is not different than any other job out there. You have to put in your time, sweat and even tears – but there is a great pay off.  Be sure to be connected with great trainers, even if they are not with your particular company, their message, know how tips, and stories can help you succeed!  IF you have picked the company that fits you right – stay with it – there will be valleys and up hill journeys but the view from the top is wonderful when you stick it out.  Giving up should not be in your vocabulary!  Find a mentor, an accountability partner and work it out – it is all achievable as long as you are willing to put in the hard work!

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Work It Wednesday ~ How You Can Focus on Your Business And Find A Balance

Work It Wednesday ~ Today is the day of the week we put our head down and focus on getting a lot done.  It is also the day where you can find yourself hitting the slow down in your motivation and your focus can be distracted easily.  Power through it!  Keep focused on crossing a lot off with your Finish It Friday and your personal reward in sight at all times!

Staying Focused Can Be A Challenge…

As business owners, Small Business – Home Based Business – Network Marketers, staying focused can be a challenge.  When we go into business for ourselves we still have life going on around us.  When you become your own boss, you are thought to have a more flexible schedule than those with a traditional job/career in your circles (family and friends).  As much as that is true it is false at the same time.  Though you do not have a boss, office manager or corporate America telling what to do and when to do it, you actually have MORE responsibility.  The weight of success vs failure solely rests on your shoulders along with all of your other responsibilities in life – they are all distractions you can easily get absorbed into and loose focus on YOUR BUSINESS.

Distractions you might get lost in are… family, “having a fun day”, phone calls, cleaning, paying bills, running errands, television, visitors/guests, kid’s school, and more!

We all went into business for our own reasons.  These reasons are important to us and to our families.  We have to remember without focus and discipline in getting “work” things done, our success will hang in the balance.  Focus and discipline is easy when we work for someone else because we are held accountable on our tasks and responsibilities on a daily manner – but working for ourselves with no one looking over our shoulder it is harder to be accountable to what HAS to get done.

Staying Focused…


Stay Focused!

  1. You have your WHY – the reason you wanted to be your own boss.  What is that?  Is it worth you being focused everyday? Be sure to have a visual of that WHY where you can see it.  Create a collage of images, maybe it is family, traveling, free time, no boss and so on – what every it is have a visual reminder where you can see it in your workspace.  I also suggest keeping a visual copy on the front of your time management tool – like your Tickler File.
  2. You have to set “work hours”.  You need time you can count of being “focused”. This needs to be shared with your family, friends, down line, team and if you are like me in a service providing career with your clients/customers.  If you have small children you are responsible for working from home this is a bit more flexible with them but everyone else should be able to respect those as they would any other place of business.
  3. Don’t kid yourself, having your own business and being your own boss – you have a JOB – you are just running the show and make up the rules!  Staying focused is even more important now than ever.  You and your family along with your business rely on you.  This is where discipline and focus is so important.  In the beginning while you are still building your business foundation, you might have to make personal sacrifices and miss out on things so that you are setting up for success. Determination!
  4. Time management/Structure – having a clear layout of time allotted for certain tasks is a MUST like Social Media – set aside like 30 mins a day, emails – set aside 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins at the close of the day to check and follow up on emails, call returns – pick a time of the day you can sit down and just focus on calls you need to make.  Having time specifically ear-marked for tasks that can be time sucks allows you to be focused and get them done!  Get them Crossed Off your daily todos!  When you get things done you are motivated to do MORE!  Keep milestones for daily activities – monthly achievements – annual goals
  5. If you find that you are spending too much time on doing non-productive tasks – delegate them.  Find a VA service like VA-a-GoGo or a team member that can take over doing those tasks and stay focused on the tasks only YOU can do in building your business.  Things like training a new recruit, following up on new downline, keeping your database up to date, formatting and sending your newsletter, setting up your appointments and so on…. there are several tasks you can get help with that take too much of your focus off of building your business foundation.  This is true for ANY business!
  6. Be sure to reward yourself as you focus and reach your milestones, achievements, goals.  Even the smallest job well done IS A JOB WELL DONE!  Celebrate it.  Reward yourself and remember to set rewards that the family can enjoy with you at times – they are in in it too!

Finding and Keeping a Balance While Staying Focused!

It is hard to always be focused on your business.  When you make the rules it is hard to hold yourself accountable.  Keeping a balance between work and the freedom you wanted and became your own boss for is tough.  It is so easy to say “I’ll do it later” and then take off to play – on the flip side it is so easy to stay so buried in your business that you never take off to play…  How do you keep focused on your business and still have a balance between life and work?

Be sure to focus on the right stuff!  Is it the money that is your focus?  Is it your family that is your focus?  Is it the prestige that is your focus?  Is it the I Can Do It How I Want To Do It you are focused on?  Is it the freedom you are focused on? To be honest is should not be any ONE of these – your focus should be the combination of  ALL of these.  With a well rounded why and focus, you can build a structure that can support achieving all of these in your life.  The key to keeping balance while staying focused is a clean structure to how you do things.  Be organized. Take it serious. Take pride in what you do.  Your focus will be where it needs to be following a structure.

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Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday ~ Tools and Resources, Do You Have Too Many or Not Enough?

Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday – today in our Weekly Productivity Program we focus on tackling a task or a project we have been putting off – sometimes this happens to be a resource we purchased to use in our business or a tool of some sort to help with marketing, social media, organization and we are excited we have it but totally avoid jumping in to use it.  Take today to focus on one of those and figure it out so you can start using resources and tools you have bought.

Are you a collector of resources & tools?


Are you a Tool/Resource Collector?

There are many times we as business owners, internet marketers – network marketers – brick and mortar store owners, attend seminars or trainings.  We learn not only what other business owners that are in the same line of business we are in use but what the trainers are teaching about and it sounds SOOOO cool and we are not using it that we “gotta have it”, right?  I know I have collected my share.  How about you?

Did you buy that trainer’s resource book or set of CD’s because it was going to walk you through this “system” or teach you a new approach, a must have resource?  How about the ones that are “coaching platforms” that walk you through the resources without the speaker/trainer being involved like a membership platform?  Or you read about this new tool for email marketing or social media management and you had to have it!

It is very easy to – get caught up in what these speakers/trainers are saying and the resources/training tools they are offering.  It is even easier to read about resources/tools on the internet watch a video and decide you have to have that now. No blame at all – we all have done it and still do it to some extent today.

We tend to feel if I have the right resource/tool my business will soar!

WRONG! It is not if you HAVE the right resource or tool it is if you USE the right resource/tool!

It is important as business owners ANY type of business owner that you keep that in perspective when you are purchasing training tools/resources or business tools/resources that you must USE them.  Being a “collector” will not explode your business.

How do you go into “Resource & Tool” Collector Recovery??

You start today… make a list of all of the resources and tools you have and can find.  On the list separate them in categories like training materials and training programs vs actual resources you can implement and use the tool.  Then clean up the list and create new lists – with the ones that you have a monthly billing associated with them at the top of the list and to dollar amount you are paying monthly with the ones you own outright on the bottom of the list.  Next to each resource/tool write a brief description of what it is and what you can learn or use it for.

Once the list is created – review it.  What of the monthly “paying” items are you currently using – hi light them green because you are actually using them! Great job!  What of the monthly “paying” tools/resources are you NOT using and have or have not touched – hi light them orange (closest hi lighter to red).  Now go down to the items that you own that  do not have any billing associated with them – if you have read or used that tool/resource again hi light those green and the ones that are still in the box they came in or have not even been reviewed, used, touched or put into motion hi light them orange.

Review your list – is it more green or more orange?  Mine some time back was definitely more ORANGE!  I loved collecting those resources and tools. I was addicted to it not unlike collecting all those stickers and bonding agents that were so cool for scrap booking, oh don’t get my husband started on my stamp collection too – they were tools I had to have!

Once I took the time to go through all of the business materials/tools/resources I had and organize them this way it was clear to see what types of tools/resources I would not ever use.  I could evaluate what kinds of resources/tools “spoke” to me and I enjoyed reading or using and what kinds I actually was intimidated by and avoided trying to use them.

From this list I sat down and created two more lists from the orange hi lighted ones – items I would share or give away to other business owners notating what I was going to do with a S for Share and a GA for Give Away and tools/resources I wanted to try and use.  I then numbered the tools/resources I wanted to use in the order I was going to commit to learning them/reading them/putting them into motion. It was cool!

For the ones I listed as “share or give away”, first I spoke to my inner circle people to see if they wanted any of these tools/resources and got a commitment from them they would either use it or give it back – when all of those were distributed, I then took what I had to my networking meetings and shared – gave them away there with the same requirement that they would commit to using them of give them back – what was left from there I donated to the local library!

It was awesome to feel the weight of those “oh I need to still read this, or start this, or learn this too” all cleaned out and narrowed down to what I would actually use and read!

Evaluation of your resource and tool collection also makes it clear…

By reviewing your initial hi-lighted list you can see a pattern of types of resources and tools that really speak to you and you take advantage of and those kinds you don’t.  By reviewing the list you commit to learning or reading that tool or resource you can also see what kinds of tools and resources you feel are important.  This allows you now to be a smarter shopper when you are at seminars and training events – is what the speaker trainer offering a fit for you?  I am sure it is a great product but does that type of tool/resource fit with what you will use and implement? Be sure it will and your purchases will go a lot further in helping to explode your business!

Resources and Tools are a MUST for business owners and successful people!

Don’t stop getting your resources and tools – just be sure to USE them!  All successful business owners from Trump through your local successful business owner all use, read and rely on resources/tools and training materials. They are avid readers and dedicate time set aside for not only using tools and resources but for personal development – how about you?  They have grown by the knowledge they have taken in over the years and it is something as BUSY solo-preneurs  we too have to be in the habit of taking and setting that time aside for this as well.  BUT remember it is only valuable when you implement what you are learning!

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