Facebook Status Updates Made Easy!

Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday –  You want today to be all about tackling a project or a task you dread…  Most people mastering or “corralling” their Social Media, Facebook interactions is a project they dread... finding the right tools to assist in this is today’s focus for me!

Don’t Let Facebook Status Updates Get The Best Of Your Time!

I have touched on it a bit in another post but I have found a tool that I highly recommend to any business owner LARGE, SMALL, INDEPENDENT, NETOWRKMARKTING you name it!  This tool is called Status Set Go!


Schedule Your Status and GO!

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Work It Wednesday ~ Lists Lists and More Lists! Are You A List Hoarder?

Work It Wednesday ~ In our Weekly Productivity Program today is the day of the week we focus on WORK ING OUR LIST.  Putting the proverbial “nose to the grind stone”!  It is such a relief to get through a lot of the tasks or mini-projects on your list that stack up fast because you put them off but really do not take a lot of time to complete, like returning phone calls, filing, invoicing, cleaning the email inbox and so on.  When you get these kinds of tasks done and “crossed off” you are motivated to sail through the rest of the week with Finish It Friday in sight and the personal reward you set for yourself!

Tracking Your To-dos With a List…


To-Do Lists!

Having a place where you write down your “to-dos” is very important.  You might be a digital person and prefer to keep them on your computer either in Excel, Word, Evernote or a calendaring program like Google Calendar with their task section.  I prefer to have it written out on paper so no matter where I go I have it and I can CROSS THINGS OFF.  You body responds to physically crossing things off a list when they are done better than if you were to “digitally” check it off.  There is a release of endorphins, a positive feeling,  and a sense of accomplishment when you can actually with a pen cross things off your list.

Lists Lists and More Lists…

How many lists of things to do do you have? Do you use stickies everywhere, little pieces of paper, several different note books, your memory or the computer OR do you do anything to track your lists of to-dos?  How many lists should you have?

Well the first thing, in order to be productive, you must be or get organized with your to-do list(s).  Using stickies, little pieces of paper or several notebooks is not productive.  Have one central place to keep your to-do list.  This takes building that habit of writing them in that place no matter what and always going back to it to review them.  We recommend the Tickler File – it is an easy system to work with and very easy to set up.

Some people have several to-do lists – one for home, one for family, one for business (and if they have more than one business, there is a list for each business), and one to track big projects. Being productive you will want to find a way that works for you to have these all in one place – color coding works well in the Tickler File – using different colors of papers for each kind of to-do list keeps them together but separate.  It is important to keep your “looking” for things to a minimum that is why having them in one place is a helpful thing to your day.

How many lists are too many?  This I can say will go into a personal preference category.  I would suggest to minimize the amount of lists you have going – that just gives you one more thing to track – maybe combine family and home lists if you have them separate now.  Come up with a coding system so you can differentiate them from one another on that list so you can write them down together knowing they are different.  For example, I have one list to track my client to-dos, I put their initial in front of the task so I know who it is for.  If it is a MUST PRIORITY that day I asterisk it too.  I start my day with all the asterisks and then move through my to-do list.

Are You a List Hoarder?

What do yo not want to become is a List Hoarder….  This is a person that has lists everywhere but never looks at them, never crosses anything off, and then one of the tasks becomes going through your task to-do list piles to see what has been done and what was forgotten!  What a complete waste of time!! If you do this, commit to stop doing it and work on a better way to spend your time.

Find That System For Your To-Do Lists!

Finding a system to work with in being organized is the first hurdle to being more productive.  Again, we recommend the Tickler File system – it is easy, expandable, mobile, and customizable.  Our productivity clients have raved about how it has changed how they do things now and they get a lot more done in a week.  The important thing is you find a system to keep your lists.

Once you have your system picked – next is to put it into place. Remember, starting any new system takes building a habit – do not get discouraged if you forget to go back to your to-do list every time – just work at making it a habit to get into.  You should be sure to review the list every night prior to ending your day and making sure your to-do lists are set up for the next morning.

The key is progress in your productivity!

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

 Paul J. Meyer quotes

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Monetize Monday ~ How to effectively use Google Alerts

Monetize Monday ~ Today is a day where you start the momentum of the week.  In our Weekly Productivity Program, we like to focus on tasks that generate revenue for our business – following up or signing a contract, building your team and filing paperwork to register new reps (this way you have all week to work with them), following up on outstanding invoices – or do your invoicing and most important – build relationships (real ones!).  If you start your week showing  some sort of revenue it inspires you for the rest of the week….

Google Alerts, what are they?

Google Alerts is content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google, that automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google Alerts service. Notifications can be sent by email, as a web feed or displayed on the users iGoogle page.

You should know… Google Alerts only provides content from Google’s own search engine.

Why should you use Google Alerts?

We all know I love Google’s free tools and Google Alerts is no exception to this rule!  Do you ever wonder how you can find out what is going on in the world with your competition, talked about in the world in regards to your key words, or what is being said about you in the world without spending hours and hours doing the research manually?  How you find it all out but save time while doing it?  That is where Google Alerts comes in!

Not only does Google Alerts alert you to things about you and you can monitor good and bad things being said, it also will bring you information to use a content in your own article writing.  Google Alerts can guide you to be a better blogger by showing you what others are doing and telling you what people want to  know about – if you set your Google Alerts up properly…

You need to have a Google account to set up Google Alerts – this does not mean you have to use Gmail – just set up a Google account.

Google Alerts allows you to set up and customize what Google searches to send your your “Google Alert” – you can choose the type, how often you receive it (can be changed for each alert depending on importance to you), the volume (in reference to the amount of hits that post or comment gets), and where to deliver your Google Alerts to.

Google Alert

Google Alerts set up

At the top just to the right of the Google Alerts logo – typ e in your key word, topic, or name and then you will see a preview of what items would come up on Google Alerts for that item…

Google Alerts Christina Littrell Williams

Google Alerts preview for my name...

If you like the preview and it is giving you the type of information you wanted to be receiving from this Google Alert, then click the red box “create alert” and you are done.  If it id not the information you were looking for in this Google Alert, modify your key words you put in the search box and preview another one.

If you set up Google Alerts before and want to make changes, at the very bottom of this page on the left, is a Manage your Alerts – click that and you will see Google Alerts set up before and you can edit them and narrow your search terms if you needed to.

You should have Google Alerts for:

  • Your Name (to be alerted when someone writes about you)
  • Your Company name (whether it is your business or a network marketing company keep in the loop and see what is being written about your business or the company you represent)
  • Your Social Media accounts (to be alerted when someone writes about you)
  • Your website (to be alerted when someone writes about your website – if specific stories or pages on your website are important to you set up a Google Alert for each story/page)
  • Your competition (know what they are doing or what is being said about them)
  • Key words/Trending Topics (see what is happening in the topics and terms that are important to you)

 Tips for narrowing your searches…

  • When you set up your searches you can use quotes around your terms or phrase so you get a more narrowed search – like “virtual assistants in California” – this keeps Google from search each individual term and sending you a wide range in your Google Alert.
  • You can also set up Google Alerts for phrases that might pertain to your audience – like questions or concerns they have – if it is go green peeps use a phrases that are buzz word phrases and put it in quotes. Fit into what they are looking for in your area of products or services – this will give you the opportunity to visit blogs where people are asking questions and you can give answers and be helpful – make yourself visible!
  • Set up the phrases or keywords you want to get ranking for when you blog – remember the quotes around them to keep your Google Alert focused.
  • When setting up your Google Alert for your competition… remember to use their website – you can also see who they are doing using keywords you like to use too – put your keyword in the search box with quotes around it and also in the search box put their website address – and you can see what they write on using that keyword… your preview pane will tell you if there was anything written in the last day or not and will show the results of what they do have.

Don’t miss out on this valuable free tool!  It is not only a time saver but is a business builder as well – get out there and get to know what is being said about you, your company, what your customers what to  know and what your competitors are doing!

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