Facebook Status Updates Made Easy!

Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday –  You want today to be all about tackling a project or a task you dread…  Most people mastering or “corralling” their Social Media, Facebook interactions is a project they dread... finding the right tools to assist in this is today’s focus for me!

Don’t Let Facebook Status Updates Get The Best Of Your Time!

I have touched on it a bit in another post but I have found a tool that I highly recommend to any business owner LARGE, SMALL, INDEPENDENT, NETOWRKMARKTING you name it!  This tool is called Status Set Go!


Schedule Your Status and GO!

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Social Media Relationships – They are a MUST

Monetize Monday – Doing business with people just because you are the only store in town is a thing of the past!  With so much variety available to the consumers these days competition is tough.  Today focus on how you will be different, how you can stand out and how your message can not only be heard but be remembered.  Do you use Social Media?

Personal Relationships…Social Media Relationships…

When Social Media platforms like MySpace came into play everyone was excited to have “real estate” on the world wide web – though it seemed to be more for teens and a place to express yourself it really did not lend a lot to the business environment.  Facebook later opened up to the public and even though it was created for the college students as a means of being in touch and communicating, it lent itself as a great Social Media environment for business owners to set up “shop” and reach out to more people.

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Tackle It Tuesday ~ What is Digg and How Can I Use It For Visibility?

Tackle It Tuesday – today get down and tackle the task you have been avoiding for days/weeks.  This one might be figuring out a new program or tool.  Schedule time today to focus on just that and “tackle it”!  You will feel the weight lift off your shoulders when you finally do this – it is worth taking the time to get the relief.  If you do this early in the week it will energize you for the remainder of the week!

What is Digg?

Digg a Social Media Networking platform where you can share your blog and find other blogs (unique and main stream).  The topics are endless! Once you register you can find members to follow and you gain followers. Digg allows you to share blogs and stories you find interesting.  Digg also just released a “newsrooms” that is still in beta – Technology, Science, Politics, Entertainment, World News, Business – this makes it easier for you to focus in on stories that might interest you.

How do You use Digg?


Dig - Social Meida Networking

You can “Digg” a blog post or story and it is pushed to your followers as something you find interesting enough to share.  The goal is to get something on the “main page” or “top news” of Digg.  Top News is the section where everyone can see the posts there, these are the stories or posts that have the most votes or “diggs” at the moment and are popular.  This is part of the classic Digg before it made changes to keep up with Social Media trends.

My News is the section where you are fed information from topics that you listed interested you, Diggs people you are following share and the people you like.  This section is customized to your account.

How Do You Find Interesting Stuff on Digg?

Digg is put together by topics and will organize information into categorized groups.  You will find areas that interest you and you will find people sharing interesting content – you follow them…

Can I use Digg to push traffic to my blog?

On your blog site you should have a “Digg” button to allow readers to “digg” your posts.  This can be found in the Tools for Publisher’s section of the Digg platform OR you can use a plug in on your website like “Sexy Book Marks” (that is what I use at the bottom of this blog)

I at times will use my button on my site to push to Digg instead of just logging into Digg and sharing it that way – this benefits me by showing a counter for the amounts of times the article was sent to Digg and also saves me time from logging into another system.

You should NOT submit the same content more than once – Digg frowns on this – plus your “followers” will feel like you are spamming so be courteous.  Of course there can be similar stories from different sources, just stay clear of re-digging your articles/posts.

You want to focus on:

  • Submitting original content
  • Submitting well written content
  • Submitting items that help you stand out – great images, tutorials, technical advice/guidance
  • Submit items that create you as being a viable resource people should get to know and follow

Remember to Digg articles and posts from popular websites – this helps people get to know more about you by way of what you share.  Also, attracts followers. SO they all do not have to be your own works.  Becoming a valuable resource will gain you credibility in the Digg community and people will search out more about you and start to Digg your articles.

I feel Digg is a great source to build a reputation and to share your blog, it is not a place you will be driving tons of traffic to your website.  Your reputation and your contributions to the community is what will drive traffic to your site.  I think you should add Digg to your Social Media tools but use it properly and know WHY you are in that community.

Have fun and stay on top of trends, news stories and share  DIGG…

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Tackle It Tuesday ~ Google +, What’s it About and How to Use It

Tackle It Tuesday – focus down on your bigger projects and or tasks today.  You know the one you avoid the most…. commit to do it today and get it done, you will fill great when you can cross it off your list, and usually you find out it was not as bad as you made it out to be!  So get in there and Tackle It!

Google +, What Is It?

Google + is a new social platform put put by Google.  It is intended to go after the Facebook community and others alike. Google says: Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links and photos with the right circles. Use easy, spontaneous video chat to strike up conversations with as many as nine people at once. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat.

When Google + first came out, you had to be invited to test the “beta” version.  The buzz was big. Everyone was asking anyone “Do you have a Google + account, can you invite me?” We had to try it – I was lucky to be one of the few to use it from the first day it launched – it is cool and I am still learning more and more about it.

You need a Google account to have a Google + profile.  If  you use Gmail, Blogger, Google Calendars, Google Alerts and so on you have a Google account – just go to Google + and join.  Be sure to look me up and add me too, I will be happy to add you to my circles!

Google + Layout…


Google + navigation icons

Google + has a home page that works as a feed from your peeps in your circles, they do status updates not unlike you would in Facebook.  You can comment and share other people’s posts.  It is very easy to manipulate around on your home page!

Google + has circles that you categorize your people in like lists – it starts out with the default Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following – people can be in multiple “circles” and you can create your own circle heading.  This allows you to segregate your messages and who hears what so you are not spamming your family with business opportunities or spamming your business contacts with family personal stuff.

Google + has made a leap with photos and videos. There is also included an image editor! Sharing photos is so easy now, with most people having smart phones and/or tablets they have created “an ap for that” if you will.  There is a Google + ap you can download to your phone and connect your accounts.  Not only can you post from that easily BUT when you take pictures, Google + automatically uploads them to your account – they are there until YOU share them but no more of the struggle of uploading images or videos to your social media account!  Nice feature BUT word of caution – be careful of the pictures you take, they will be pushed to Google + and with Google (like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on) is a free tool and Google has certain rights you signed off on that they have access to your account – so just be sure NOT to take any photos with your phone you would not one someone else to see.

Google + has a place for your profile.  You have the ability to really get in here and fill in a lot of information for people to be able to get to know YOU and what you do – fill it out completely (I am still working on mine).  In your profile you have a new navigation bar that allows you to see your posts, like your wall in Facebook, your photos (the ones you shared or are in Picasa too), your videos you have shared, your + 1’s – posts you have made directly to Google + and Buzz (it has connected your Google Buzz account within it so you and others who are looking at you profile can see your Buzz posts too.  You can also view your profile as others do to be sure what is shared and what is not with people who are NOT in your circles!

You can choose to view all of your “connections” and drag and drop them into your circles and add circles from this screen – this is a delight to be able to click on a person, see the circle they are currently in light up and be able to reassign them or add them to a different circle!

AND there are GAMES – just like in Facebook BUT they are more games you would play on your smart phones not just their games – I am not too much of a social media account game player so I cannot comment on this one too much but they are there.

How do you communicate with others in Google +?

Google + has that home page – it shows everyone’s “stream” – there you can write a message to share with everyone.  You can tag people in your message using the @theirname – when you do that you have the choce to share that message with just that person, the circle they belong to or both – you can even add other circles to receive the message too.  Very easy to see who is getting what message! You can even go in and “edit” you post once it has been put up – you know for those last minutes.. Oh no I forgot a word in that sentence!

Google + has a chat feature, not unlike the one in Google Chat – it is easy to see who is there and what kind of messages they can take – chat or video.  You can also send people in your circles private messages as well.

There are “Hangouts” where the user starts a hangout and is in a video chat room alone a message goes out to your social circles you included in your hang out that you are “hanging out” and they have the opportunity to join you.

Google + has a multi chat feature – where you can chat with one person or a few at the same time – this is without video.  You can show a chat in your stream while you are chatting – this is a feature that is by default disabled so you would have to allow it.

So this is a short overview – look out for more details and video tutorials about Google +.

For me I like using Google +, I like the simplicity as well – It is a place where I intend on spending more and more time – so connect with me and let me add you to one of my circles!

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Thriving Thursday ~ today in our Weekly Productivity Program we focus on wrapping up as much work/projects and tasks that are on our list we plotted to get completed this week. We know Finish It Friday is around the corner and we get to celebrate for the awesome job we did all week!  We are energized and keep it moving – how is your week looking?

LinkedIn is it only for corporate people?

People ask me all of the time “Do I need to be on LinkedIn?” and “What exactly is LinkedIn?” LinkedIn is a business related social networking site.  As apposed to Facebook LinkedIn do not promote just “friendly chatter” this is a site that was corporate based for connections.  LinkedIn has relaxed a bit from how it started but it still centers around promoting business, doing business and finding jobs.  LinkedIn centers around corporate connections and has small business and home based business owners as well in their community.  LinkedIn is  known to be the largest s”professionals” ocial network community to date.  The average household income for it’s readers and participants is over $88,000 per year.

I do believe if you are doing business you need to have a LinkedIn profile set up – do you have one?  If you do be sure it is up to par and give it a tune up as we go (I have to admit, my profile needs a tune up bad…)


Increase Visibility in LinkedIn

Here are some suggestions on creating or updating your LinkedIn profile:

  • Your Profile box should be completely filled out.  Be sure you plan for the headline, you can only use 120 characters for this.  Use a clear professional picture – if you have already started branding with a picture or image use it here too, stay consistent.  For where it would like your work history – list at least two – the current one being your business.  By adding the educational side you might connect with people based on where you went to High School or College so do not leave this info out, it really helps with searches.  ALWAYS add in your website address here – this is an easy way to introduce people to you and what you are doing in a passive way.  You may list up to three so take advantage of listing even your Facebook page.  You can customize your website section when you go into edit so it does not have to read “my website” – I recommend you updating this to be more descriptive so people are interested to click!  Edit the “vanity” url from LinkedIn – mine has been edited to look like this: http://www.linkedin.com/in/christinalw  By keeping it your name it will allow your LinkedIn profile to come up in searches where people use your name.
  • The LinkedIn Summary section should contain key words – this area cannot be seen on your profile but it offers you a lot of opportunities to billboard your abilities, specialties, products and business in general.  You will write your “story” here but be sure to include keywords.  In writing your story talk directly to your reader – it becomes more personal to them.  In the “specialties” section here you can really go into detail and be sure to use those keywords so search engines will catch them.
  • Keep up with important and in the moment in the LinkedIn news status updates – there is a section at the top in the navigation for “news” – check it a couple times a day and see what LinkedIn Today has to say.  You can customize the info that comes in here to the areas and industries you are interested in by following them. This can spark conversations not only with in the LinkedIn community but you can share the info in Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connections – LinkedIn calls it “connections” (Facebook, friends and likes – Twitter, followers) – be sure to maximize your connections and LinkedIn gives you four areas to do this…please be sure to go through them all. – Under contacts go to “add connections” – the four ways to connect are listed there: add connections – you can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn to your existing contacts (this sends them an email and once they connect great other wise it keeps sending them reminders – be sure the contact email address you have in your files IS their LinkedIn email address or they cannot accept it, colleagues this is based through your present and past work experience info you filled in and it will show you some suggestions, classmates again from your school info you filled in it will show you some suggestions, people you may know is LinkedIn’s suggestions of connections.
  • LinkedIn Groups – take a second and look around the LinkedIn Groups and join a few – participate in them – build relationships!  Groups are important to your business you can use them as focus groups, you can test market with them and you can gain some very valuable insight to what is happening in your areas.

LinkedIn with a reported 100 million users is not a little pond – you deserve to be in this body of professionals too!

Using LinkedIn as one of your Social Media outlets can really change the visibility of your business but also the relationships you build for and around it.  I strongly suggest you get out there and start using this tool and building bonds.

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Work It Wednesday ~ How to Write Copy for Social Media

Work It Wednesday… Today is the “get’r done” day!  Jump on all those pesky tasks that fill up your to do list.  Return calls and keep them focused, short  and to the point.  Clean your inbox, regular and Social Media – delete things you have not read, will not read or have read and do not need anymore.  Do your filing and any follow up you need to do so the paperwork can be put away.  By getting these kinds of tasks done you free up a lot of energy and make space in your mind for Finish it Friday and enjoying the reward you plan to give yourself for a great week of work!

Writing copy for Social Media can be daunting at times…

Usually when a new client or prospect sits down with me for a consultation, they have not really grabbed a hold of their Social Media presence.  They don’t know what to do with Social Media or how it fits into their “business world and model”.  They fear Social

Social Media

Social Media Target Market

Media and they are overwhelmed by Social Media.  During our meeting/consultation I do an intake to evaluate just where they are in Social Media platforms, Do they have a Facebook?  Do they have a Twitter?  Do they have a Linkedin (this one I make sure it will benefit them first)? And what other Social Media accounts might they have signed up for?  Are they using any Social Media tools?  Once I have that information I ask what their routine is for posting/sharing/interacting on Social Media.  And my final question is “what is it that blocks you from using Social Media more?” and the answer is pretty consistent….  “I don’t know what to write”.

Here are several suggestions for writing copy for Social Media:

  1. Know your Audience: When you first join Social Media platforms you start collecting “friends” “followers” “likes” but are they your target market?  Be realistic when you look at your collection of peeps and know how many of them are true audience people.  My suggestion is to make “lists” in the platforms so you can target your message appropriately. ie: family, you will share information about your service/product differently with them then you would people you do not know.
  2. Be the Expert and a Resource: Share facts, tips, and “how to’s” with your readers in Social Media platforms.  You will attract people that want to know what you have to say.  You will find people that want to do business with you.  A great example of this is Gary Vaynerchuk did wtih Wine TV, as he shares his story in his book “Crush It”, he tells you that his entire mission was to educate and entertain his audience – he has done that along with creating an extremely successful business!
  3. Research: Never go into your topic guessing – research your facts before you share them in your Social Media updates. Give some references to back up your facts if they are interesting. State your facts, state your opinion and stand by them as your own.  Don’t be a “yes man” to other people’s comments and opinions.
  4. Take Interest: Take time to speak with your friends and followers in your Social Media areas.  Invest in getting to knwo them and what is going on – remember Social Media means be social!
  5. Converse don’t Vomit: It is important to communicate WITH your people – have conversations with them.  Don’t vomit your services, products or business opportunity every change you get! Social Media is not your personal soap box.  You know the stereo type of the old car salesmen that would latch onto you when you hit the pavement of the dealership and follow you around just trying to talk numbers the entire time not hearing what you were saying about what you wanted? Creepy!  So glad buying a car now a days is better!  And whatever you do don’t over exaggerate! Too much fluff and hype tend to get people going “ya ya ya” whatever.
  6. Share Personal & Business info: Building a relationship is your goal in Social Media.  People need to get to know YOU – I think you need to  have a good mixture of personal & business messages in your updates.  In the “old” days networking consisted of going to meetings and getting to know one another in order to do business and get referrals – now you are “networking” online using Social Media platforms.  The benefits you get to meet and connect with people ANYWHERE not just those that attend the morning meeting.  The drawbacks are you cannot hear them speak (unless video is also being used) and you don’t sit down over coffee to get to know one another.  This is where sharing a mixture is important.
  7. Video: Do not be afraid to shoot a video every once in a while to share your message – let people interact with you. Social Media has a great platform to share video, heck YouTube, Viddler and others are Social Media video dedicated platforms and once posted there you can share it just about anywhere! Let them hear you.  Let them see what you are sharing (using props).  This brings a real person to the table.  I share a video on the home page here so people can meet me. I also use video in my monthly newsletters dedicated to sharing information. (register in the pop up or to the right to receive them)

Another typical blocking point is not knowing how much to write for the Social Media platforms…

Each platform has a limit of characters (not words) you can “post” – Twitter being the smallest 140 characters, this is primarily so it was SMS accessible (texting).  You want to keep your messages short and to the point.  You can abbreviate when needed but NOT too much – your message should not be a puzzle to figure out.  Use a link shortener like bit.ly so your URL you are sharing does not consume your characters in your message.

The important thing is to not miss out on Social Media. Social Media is a powerful tool and is not going away.  More and more businesses are “doing business” ON Social Media then ever before.

  • Social Media and building a list of contacts
  • Social Media and “just connecting”
  • Social Media and building a reputation
  • Social Media promoting events
  • Social Media and product spotlights (maybe dedicate one day a week for this)

Use it to your advantage and don’t miss out on creating a presence now. Just becareful  not to abuse it.

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