Work It Wednesday – Keep your head up and focused on the mission for you this week, whether it be finishing a project, completing a set of tasks OR meeting that certain person at a networking event!  No matter what it is, it is sure to be built around an activity that is to build your business.  Meeting people, potential clients, prospects or just other connectors are strong parts of the “business skyscraper” you are building.

Casey EberhartCasey Eberhart, The IdealNetworker, is well known as a “Connector” in the business world. He travels speaking all over the United States and soon to be going International!  His training on connecting and building relationships has helped small business owners and network marketers expand their reach and build their businesses beyond what they thought they could.  Today Casey shares some insight on attending business networking events…

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Monetize Monday – we say here at Wealth And Abundance Today that Monetizing is not always considered revenue.  Everyone gains from relationships built and bonds made and friendships created – we love to count that as our assets in life.  How are you doing really getting to know your clientele? Not only on Mondays do we start our week by following up on invoices or finishing up proposals to generate revenue for our business, we also take time to ring in the week making friends and following up on those we have not spoken to in some time.  We like to see what they are doing now or send them a smile – we love using the tool SendOutCards and now that they have come out with a “user” package for people in makes it super simple for others to use this terrific tool as well!

To get started this week we challenge you to meet 3 new people and follow up with them starting to build new relationships– you can meet these people online, in a networking environment, or even out running errands.  Start out by getting to know them!  Maybe this is someone you have seen around many times before – commenting on someone else social media updates, or a dynamic business person you felt you could reach out to or someone who was always in the same place you were around town – the point is to finally make contact and begin to build a relationship.

Relationships start slow…

As a business owner you know how to network – but do you really get in there for the relationship investment?  Do you set yourself up to be in locations where you can build relationships?  Building relationships takes time and should start slow – first part is making contact.  Don’t let anyone intimidate you into NOT meeting them.  OK so most people don’t intimidate us – we get intimidated by who or what they are – Go For It!  They are people doing business and would love to meet you too!  You have a lot to offer people.

Start slow – say HI and find out what you can about them.  You don’t have to talk about your business right off the get go.  Hint – if this is a person that is active in your community or is high visibility and you know ahead of time they are going to be where you are, do a little research about them so you can ask them questions about stuff going on with them.  IF you have a smart phone and you just saw them at an event – excuse yourself to go outside or in the restroom and do a quick search – people are impressed if you take a bit of time to know about them prior to meeting them – you put in an effort.

Relationships are built one floor at a time…

Relationships are like life structures – you start with the foundation which was your hello and first encounter – then follow it up with great building materials!  Strong follow up!  Again using a tool like SendOutCards is great because it can be a private heart felt message regarding your meeting and some key points about getting to know them more.  You also have the opportunity to send them a small gift or use it as a personal invite for coffee.  There are several tools you can use to make your second contact – I just recommend not using email to follow up in a meaningful manner – everyone in business today has an overflowing inbox and not only can your message get lost or sent to spam it can also be “more work” for that person.  (if it has to be email first – use Video Email, it is a lot more personal)  Following up right after you meet with a heart felt message will build the ground floor of your relationship.  Then you move on to building your relationship structure as high and with as many floors as you wish it to have – with each floor being built with investments from you.  How many “sound structures” can you build without investments? NONE and relationships REAL relationships are no different.

Relationships are meaningful and should be a way of not only doing business but a way of life!


Build Strong Relationships With Others!

Relationships benefit everyone involved.  When you get to know someone and invest in them, you get to know what their business needs are or who they might like to get to know.  You can help them as a friend create relationships they had been needing or looking for.  You might say – everything you are saying here is ME doing the work, ME building the relationship – what are they doing.  In all honesty it does not matter what they are doing – if this is a relationship you wanted to make you are doing something that was important to you…. but it usually works this way.  People who are in a “relationship” tend to look out for each other.  The relationship is a mutual benefit to you both.  The key is to never go into a relationship with the mindset of what YOU are going to get out of knowing this person or being seen with this person.  A true relationship is one of no expectation.

Is a certain Relationship a great investment?

When creating relationships, you do want to make sure you are not allowing yourself to be walked all over or used as a doormat. In the prior paragraph we mention not to have expectations from a relationship, while that is true, you do need to evaluate the person you are building this relationship structure with and be sure they are building with integrity.  They might not be sending referrals your way or making connections with people you would like to get to know – BUT are they building from a place of genuineness?  If this is a person that turns you down for coffee but then calls you for an introduction or a “favor” one too many times that person might not be “sound structure” material and not someone you want to invest a lot of relationship building materials in.  Your relationship structure may be only 3 floors high BUT other people you meet and build relationship structures with might be 10+ floors high – do protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Business Relationships…

Taking the time to get to know people and build relationships is the best part of business.  We spend so much of our time working, why not do it with friends?  Be a good person a caring person in the relationship and if the other person is wanting the same they will reciprocate the efforts!  Enjoy getting to know people and investing in their growth and success it is returned to you 10 fold!

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Monetize It Monday ~ Connecting with People on Your Free Time

Monetize it Monday – Monday is the start of the week – making connections and following up with connections made the week before is a great way to start your week.  Also, setting referrals and connecting other people that can benefit from knowing each other is a great thing to do at the start of the week.  Starting your week with relationships and the investment not only benefits your business but also you as a person…. get out there and connect!

Opportunities to Connect are around us ALL OF THE TIME!

I know we talk about NOT working all of the time, but is that the same as not talking about your work/business whenever you have the opportunity?  Talking about your business where ever you go is very important (just know the signs given off by people when it is enough).  Talking about your business is marketing and you should always be marketing.  Now understand I am not suggesting you go out hocking your products and services every time you open your mouth but you should be able to represent what you do.  Some examples – promotional clothing, a promotional bag or button, a promotional hat, how about promotional pens you can leave behind?  Lets say you are meeting someone at a local restaurant, get there early – maybe sit at the bar even if you are having a pop and strike up a conversation – and do your networking!  Remember be quick to listen and slow to answer… ask questions about them, invest time in who they are and what they do – make your mental notes.  If you have any promotional items on or around you they will pick up on it and most likely ask you what you do – and the door is open for a VERY, may I repeat, VERY soft sell – keep it light and about them.  If you feel this is someone who can benefit from your products or services or even business opportunity get their info and set up a time to meet for coffee or something later – and keep this meeting very light….  you can network ANYWHERE YOU GO without working all the time.

Connecting with people outside of your “office” or establishment is also important.  Maybe you have a very loyal customer/client/prospect – invite them out for a “get to know you session” again invest in the connection that has already been established.  Are there ways you can connect them with others and support their business?

Connections can be made on vacation…

One of my favorites is connecting with potential clients/prospects when I am on vacation… OK so in my family I have the gift of meeting people and striking up conversations. Getting to know people at the drop of a dime.  When you are on vacation what a better time to say “yeah just out here celebrating 3 months of hard work” I promise you they will want to know what you do and if you get to do this every three months!  People like to connect we were not put on earth to be alone.  Take advantage of the fact people like to also share their successes, again ask questions and get to  know them.  Word of caution, don’t network so much on your vacation that your family or loved one is feeling like you are not there together – get up early to make your connections, maybe hit the gym at the hotel, or the golf course while everyone else has plans to enjoy some pampering or shopping….

Connections can be made shopping, banking, exercising…

We are all busy people… we have have life responsibilities that consist of shopping, banking and exercising – why not take advantage of time you are out making connections and building relationships.  You usually shop at the same grocery story, same “mall” and bank at the same bank and exercise in the same park – walking trail or gym – right what is better then connecting with people you see regularly?  All connecting takes is striking up a conversation – you are already doing something in common, you are at the same location.  Do you recognize them from the school drop off line?  How about at that location before?  It pays to be really observant no matter where you are.


Connecting people, everyone wins!

Connect with others so you can connect with others…

Not every connection will be a fit for YOU but they are still important relationships.  You might know someone who knows someone that would like to know someone or could use the services of someone you just made a connection with.  Investments in other people are the best investments you can make into your business, not in a greedy sense but in the giving-back way – always be on the lookout to help others with connections too.


Never waste a minute – connect connect connect!

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