Where Does My Business End and I Begin – Guest Writer Judith Cassis

Work It Wednesday… today is the day smack in the middle of the week – we have been driving up hill all week and we have almost reached the peak to begin our road back down to Friday!  Take today and do the little tasks, the ones that stack up easily and  we just keep putting off because they can be done so fast… like returning calls, mailing invoices, updating database and so on… use the momentum of checking/crossing things off to carry you to the top of the work climb!

Judith CassisToday we have a guest writer, a very dear friend of mine Judith Cassis.  Judith is a successful business owner and an inspiration to many of us!  She is a Success Coach and focuses on areas Personal Development in her events and trainings.  Helping others gain strength in areas of life/business they might be lacking in, educating groups on communication and other skills that assist in successful personal/professional relationships, and writing are her passions.  She produces events for the soul purpose of educating and helping small businesses, Judith is a blessing to the business world!

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Work It Wednesday – Keep your head up and focused on the mission for you this week, whether it be finishing a project, completing a set of tasks OR meeting that certain person at a networking event!  No matter what it is, it is sure to be built around an activity that is to build your business.  Meeting people, potential clients, prospects or just other connectors are strong parts of the “business skyscraper” you are building.

Casey EberhartCasey Eberhart, The IdealNetworker, is well known as a “Connector” in the business world. He travels speaking all over the United States and soon to be going International!  His training on connecting and building relationships has helped small business owners and network marketers expand their reach and build their businesses beyond what they thought they could.  Today Casey shares some insight on attending business networking events…

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Business Strategy – Business Plan Expert Trainer Stephanie Graziano

Work It Wednesday…  Today in the Wealth And Abundance Today Productivity formula we ask you focus on work work work.  Basically putting your nose to the grindstone and pounding it today.  Wednesday is hump-day and  people tend to begin to loose their motivation for the week here – by focusing on cleaning up and getting a lot of “tasks” completed you get to cross things off your list and gain momentum that carries you through the remainder of the week!

A Great Business Strategy is a Great Start!

Creating a business strategy is a must to a solid foundation for any business!  Does this mean it will not change over time? NO But you need one to start.  Look, great sports team don’t enter a big game without a great game strategy, great world leaders enter “conferences” or “face the nation” holding on to what they think is a great strategy, and great corporate icons don’t enter ANY business venture without a great business strategy.  Why should you a small business owner be any different?  This is a key to success, trust me.

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Facebook Status Updates Made Easy!

Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday –  You want today to be all about tackling a project or a task you dread…  Most people mastering or “corralling” their Social Media, Facebook interactions is a project they dread... finding the right tools to assist in this is today’s focus for me!

Don’t Let Facebook Status Updates Get The Best Of Your Time!

I have touched on it a bit in another post but I have found a tool that I highly recommend to any business owner LARGE, SMALL, INDEPENDENT, NETOWRKMARKTING you name it!  This tool is called Status Set Go!


Schedule Your Status and GO!

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Social Media Relationships – They are a MUST

Monetize Monday – Doing business with people just because you are the only store in town is a thing of the past!  With so much variety available to the consumers these days competition is tough.  Today focus on how you will be different, how you can stand out and how your message can not only be heard but be remembered.  Do you use Social Media?

Personal Relationships…Social Media Relationships…

When Social Media platforms like MySpace came into play everyone was excited to have “real estate” on the world wide web – though it seemed to be more for teens and a place to express yourself it really did not lend a lot to the business environment.  Facebook later opened up to the public and even though it was created for the college students as a means of being in touch and communicating, it lent itself as a great Social Media environment for business owners to set up “shop” and reach out to more people.

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Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday – Email is something that everyone has – even the junior high schools and up here in Santa Clarita create email accounts for the students so they can communicate with the teachers and each other about school items.   Email a tool that you cannot run your business without!  Email can be “rabbit hole” you down during the day and suck a lot of your time, email can be your “saving grace’ when you need something right away, email can help you get noticed and email can get you banned from connecting with your people!


It is reported, 2010 report from The Radicati Group in 2010, that the number of email accounts worldwide in 2010 is 2.9 billion and planned to increase by 2014 to 3.8 billion.  (It is noted that there is an average number of email accounts per user of 1.6 email accounts per user and they do not see that rising of this time frame)

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